At some amazing point in the future I too will have thousands of posts and a lovely search able breakfast-dinner list of posts (oh Smitten Kitchen and Pioneer Woman I envy you!) Actually those are both great places to cruise for recipes, but in case you wanted to know, here are some of my favorite recipes on line. They are not all primal and not all healthy, so dear reader I will leave it to you to make what YOU think works best for your family.

all sorts of eggs..any way but raw.
Primal Banana Crepes-I do not flip mine, I also just use 3 whole eggs. I pour into a pan, put a lid or tight fitting plate on top until cooked through....cook at a medium low temp will burn HORRIBLY.
Turkey/Chicken Apple Sausage-great with an egg, or alone!

(I know I'm skipping lunch here, but honestly its mainly salads and leftovers around here, will post any great ideas or recipes when I see them.)

Teriyaki Sauce- I use less brown sugar and honey to try to make it a bit more primal, its worth the  cheat though to have something the little Sassies will eat.( I also add a bit of toasted sesame seed oil)
Dublin Coddle-sausage, bacon, onion and potato's, Amazing in its simplicity.
Taco Seasoning Mix-simple and homemade without the added fillers and fake flavors.
Crock pot Chicken w/ black beans-seriously just try it. (I shred my chicken before adding the cream cheese)
The Only Rub You'll Ever Need- very versatile seasoning for chicken,beef,fish or pork.
Maple Roasted Root Vegetables-Great jumping off point for roasting root vegetables. LOVE for winter.
7 Bean Chili-My no fail chili recipe, add or take out anything and its still a great base.
Chef Michael Smiths Beef Stew- lovely stew that does well with any vegetable.(I do not add the onions.)
Grilled Garlic Artichokes-To DIE for.
Man Chili-Primal, and super tasty.

Frozen Fruit Cups-Once a month batch, mix up the fruits and let me know what you tried!

Desserts/Breads/all things amazing and lovely
Simple White Cake-an amazing sugar cookie flavored from scratch cake. My go to Favorite.
Gluten-Free Kahlua Cheesecake Blondie's-makes a ton, and VERY rich.
Homemade Cinnamon Bread-not labor intensive, just lots and lots of long rise times. Almost Brioche like.
Chewy Gingersnap Cookies-good chew and intense flavor. Our favorite "snow day" cookie.
Perfect Gingerbread Loaf-I do not do the glaze and increase the spices.
Brown Sugar Zucchini Bread-Also can be altered to be just Carrot Bread or a combo.
Shh Banana Bread-found during my low-fat phase and is so amazing and simple I cannot find something else I love more! I use milk instead of buttermilk and add 1/4 cup yogurt or sour cream.
Raspberry-Lime Pie-my absolute favorite.
Maple Pecan Pie- I do not use the crust but make a different one.
Ultimate Chocolate Chip n' Oreo Brownie-no words describe this wonder.

My "To Try List"
Primal Stuffed Zucchini-there are a TON of recipes on this site that are already primal or primal possible.
Baked Avocado Fries-use coconut flour or nut flour or anything else that floats your boat.
Nutty Primal Balls-very similar to Lara bars. (this site is an AWESOME place for paleo/primal recipes.
Baked Pesto Chicken-pesto I'm in.
Primal Stuffed Squash-Looks amazing, possible for an egg free breakfast. Great go to place for creative paleo/primal recipes.
Creamy Chipotle Primal Dip-Made with butternut squash.
Bacon Wrapped Sweet Potato's-to be dipped in the chipotle dip.
Thai Coconut Curry Soup- My favorite meal made into a soup.
Primal Apple Cake with Maple Frosting-this looks simply amazing.
Acorn Squash With Apples-Add sausage, great breakfast idea.
Butternut Squash Lasagna-looks simple and filling.
Primal Taco Shells-For the much needed TACO NIGHT.
Squash and Apple-Breakfast (add sausage) Great blog.

Cookbooks that amaze and excite me
Some amazing recipes in here, down home cooking at its finest.
Prairie Home Cooking
Sick of recipes calling for cream of this or that? Here's a book that has the best casseroles from breakfast to dinner with 100's of ideas for pairings and no junk.
Bake Until Bubbly
Eating Primal or Paleo and struggling? I have a hard time finding time to convert recipes to something we can eat. So its nice to have a fall back in the house that gives ideas/inspiration that need no more converting to paleo/primal.
Primal Blueprint Cookbook


  1. thank you for posting GF recipes! :)

  2. Your welcome! Anything that says paleo or primal is gluten free as well!