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Here is a list of all of my favorite places to go, resources I constantly check with and just some things I plain love.
I will be updating this as I find/remember other places.
If you have any places that you feel are relevant, let me know I love to check out new things.
I constantly sometimes check out pinterest for inspiration as well.

Best resource I have found for heirloom or organic seeds, so reasonably priced.
Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
Great site with so much information about growing year round. (Mr. Coleman is also the author of a series of books regarding the same topic)
Four Season Farm

Of course the first link will have to Pioneer Woman, she is the inspiration of many, many, MANY of the things that cook in our kitchen.
The Pioneer Woman
Smitten has got to be hands down one of the prettiest most useful sites out there for inspiration and fail proof recipes. I turn here often looking for a way to make things just a bit more special
Smitten Kitchen
For all future notice when you see pictures of food on my blog, in my mind, they look like this ladies over here. Amazing.
Pastry Break
We try to eat primally/paleo/whatever you call it, as much as conceivably possible. Most of my inspiration comes from the following site as well as the books.
Marks Daily Apple
Simple to use food blog, click on your "ingredient" and wahbam there you have it, a recipe broken down step by step with plenty of pictures. I love that she will be honest and comment on the follow up with how much the recipe was loved (or wasn't) in her house by herself, hubby and two young boys.
Whatcha Got Cooking Good Lookin?
"Try until I burn the house down" is the motto of this food blogging, New York Streets pounding lady. Great photography and even better recipes and writing make this one hard to put down.
Slow Like Honey
Mason jar meals and so much more, Robin has a fantastic voice with inspired ideas!
Big Red Kitchen

Sassy Girls
The amazing owners of our home before us gifted us a lovely piano for our little sassies to grow up playing !  The following site offers the most in depth, comprehensive lessons that my 5 year old does with the smallest bit of assistance. (for FREE.)
Joesph Hoffman Piano Lessons
We are starting this spring to investigate Project Noah, exploring and documenting wild life and plant life we see, fantastic Iphone app as well. Really neat premise to this site, all sorts of "projects" you can join, or just document your own.
Project Noah
For everything from Halloween costumes to Quilts and party invites.
Favorite everyday cloth diaper, 100% cotton all in ones. LOVE.
Big sassy brings "mama lunch" most days to school, I wish that the lady over at another lunch would do my sassies lunches. She is my inspiration for the new year! Even if you don't do bento boxes she still has some great ideas for healthy lunches kids EAT.
Another Lunch

Crafty, inspirational and just a little silly these ladies give it to you like it is.
Simply Mommies
Most amazing DIY site ever, Ana gives step by step and piece by piece instructions to make everything from Pottery Barn furniture to your own home!
Ana White Homemaker
Little green pastures is a touching blog written by a lovely lady named Bri.
Little Green Pastures
Enchanting pictures and amazing thought is the first things I always think when reading this one! A mothers world rocked to the core with the birth of her own Second Little Sassy Girl.
Enjoying the small things
Heart shaped bacon for valentines day? Beautiful photography? Crafty crafts? Cool hair inspiration for slacky stay at home mamas? then you want...
The Paper Mama
Friends for 60 years Margaret and Helen tell it like it is, one lives in Maine and one in Texas and they blog all things political. There is some debate whether its really just some single guy in a basement apartment or really 2 snappy 80 year old women with a grandson helping. With over 4 MILLION blog hits who cares, they are funny as hell and give it to you how THEY want to.
Margaret and Helen
Not your typical cheesy bridal site, Diy and awesome showcases of bride who have done it different.
offbeat bride
So this women cracks me up, here name is Kate (so yeah that is auto awesome right there) she seriously gives it to you like it is. Witty writing, she literally at times makes my day.
Eat the Damn Cake
Green without shoving it down your throat, all sorts of information on changing the color from bleached white to slightly greener. She believes in what she does but isn't pitching a fit in the streets about. A refreshing break that actually makes you WANT to do it better. (shes got the whole, make people think it was THEIR idea thing down pat.)
The Green Mama
Just funny...seriously funny.
Hyperbole and a Half
And lastly but not leastly, Shabby Blogs, without them my blog would be boring white on white, without all the sas and lovelies that a good blogs needs. Cannot reccomend them highly enough.
Shabby Blogs
Someone I seriously identify with. If this lady was my neighbor I would force her to be my friend. My internet soul mate...(umm but don't mention that to her cause its kinda dorky and I haven't even told her ;) )
Ashley Quite Frankly
New love online, Brigid brings into reality with cloth diapers, attachement parenting and living a lovely simple life. Plus im mad jealous of her decorating.
Naturally Attached

Money Saving/Preserving
New deals every day
Exclusive deals for top brands
Krazy coupoing helping you save money and get it cheap!
Krazy Couponing

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