Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sunshine and Seeds

FINALLY, a few warm days and you manage to feel a thousand times better about life. This warm front can stick around as long as it wants despite what my 8 day forecast predicts is going to show up in 4 days.

We have been exploring our tiny town on foot this week, little sassy in her stroller and big sas trucking around in her bike. We actually got a little pink the other day, its been so long since anyone in this house needed sunscreen on that I totally forgot to use it. Ooops...

We also have picked up seeds to start for this summer, so if you live in a zone 3 you need to start your plants ASAP. Our last day of frost is roughly May 20th which definitely means that my orange, yellow and jalapeno peppers should have been started 2-3 weeks ago. Sweet peas can go into the ground and so can your bulbs. A lot of herbs can also go in before the chance of frost is gone. Also vegetables like kale, broccoli, cabbage, beets, carrots, onion, potatoes, spinach and snow peas can go into the ground 4-6 weeks before the last chance of frost.

We started our seeds in old egg crates we have been saving all winter long. I have not a single clue what I am going to do when it comes to re potting them. We are planning on selling our excess seedlings at the end of our driveway this year. Also a friend and I are starting a small garden on her property that we are going to sell the extra from. She has the land and we have a great location in town, hopefully it will work out well and we enjoy ourselves.

We just moved into our home this past December and its so interesting to go out and look in our garden beds and see the new surprises popping up, we have discovered lilac bushes, raspberry and blueberry bushes, tulips and even a rhubarb!

This is our first year not having our vegetables as mainly container plants. It should be a very fun filled time. Still debating whether we should do raised beds or just plant straight into the ground.

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