Monday, February 20, 2012

Life as we know it

We call our girls our Sassy's, short for Sassafrass, they are our happy accidents, the things we never would have had if chance, luck or serendipity didn't happen.

Mr. Sassy and I met halfway between our two worlds, he was from Maine and I was from California, by chance we had both taken jobs in Minnesota the previous year. His parents came out to visit him for the first time , He brought them an hour away for a guided horse back ride through the National Forest. Unfortunately it began pouring rain and they cancelled, until it stopped raining and they decided to drop in unannounced. At the stable, the two wrangler guides flipped a coin to decide which one  had to take the riders out who had ruined their short day. I lost, it was the single most unlucky lucky thing  that had ever happened to me.

To make this insanely crazy and long story short(er)
-3 months from when we met we announced our pregnancy
-3.5 months from when we met we announced our engagement
-9 months from when we met we announced the birth of our first Sassy girl
-17 months from when we met we accepted a job in Ontario (Canada)
-many sleepless nights later (ahem 8...days, not months) a long dance to Aerosmiths "Angel" and we were  officially Mr. and  Mrs.
-23 months after we met we moved to Canada, lived in a hotel for 2 months, bought our first home and took a long deep breath.

Finally about 2 years after meeting, life settled down. We lived peacefully for about 3 years and then Welcomed our Second little Sassy into our family.
Finally after 8 years of living away from Maine, Mr. Sassy  finally was able to get a position much closer to family and move back to his Home state.
December 2011 we bought our 2nd home and brought our Sassy girls (now 5 and 18 months) to where we will hopefully settle down and grow some roots.

So this year I made some new resolutions, I wanted to record more of our lives, I want (try) to sit down daily and write something about our girls. I realize now how quickly these little years go and how easy it is to lose the moments in the insanity of life.

I want to do more for myself dig a huge garden, learn how to sew, cook more, take more pictures, remember to shave both legs in the shower and most importantly to find some way and some how to include all the amazing, beautiful, wonderful people we have in our lives that we live so far from.

So this blog is for everyone, we know and we don't know enjoy a peek into what makes us go, get ideas or inspiration in the things we grow, cook and make. Laugh at the craziness and share in our sadness.
 Welcome to our crazy tragic, almost magic awful beautiful life.

The Sasters


  1. I think it's great you are doing this! Good luck and can't wait to read all about it!

  2. Thanks Amanda! we can't wait to be able to keep up with everyone we know! we really miss so many people and this is such a nice way to involve everyone.

  3. I love this. I still remember lying on my parent's floor, talking to you on the phone (long distance) and sharing our, "OH MY GOD, I'm pregnant!" stories! <3 Life flies by. Glad we've stayed friends all this time!