Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Life, Death and Hermit Crabs

The last few months, it seems like we have had so many adventures and not enough time to talk about them!

Big Sassy started kindergarten, full days. We did our annual apple orchard visit, Halloween nuttiness, visited Santa and oh yes moved 750 miles to a different country. Our new home was "flocked", Sassy went to her first Daddy daughter dance. We have had parties, we have laughed a lot, loved more and even cried quite a bit during it all. But I would do it all over in a heart beat, it was a BLAST!

One of these days I will record big sassy singing Aerosmith Pink, but for now enjoy some pictures and a song!

 The older I get the more I realize that life is not just the achievement of your goals, but rather it is all those little things that happen in between.

The years seem to speed up the older I get, a week hardly seems a long time anymore. I look into my girls eyes and wonder what is going on in those minds, I wish I could just crawl into these moments and keep living them. I wish the book would never end then, when it does, I want to start reading it all over again.

One of the hermit crabs in big sassy's class died today and we had yet another discussion about death and gravy yards. She wanted to know when she was old enough to decide if when she dies she gets to choose where her body goes. I told her whenever she is old enough to want to make that decision. Since she doesn't want to go into the compost heap and turn into dirt like the hermit crab. And she doesn't want to be buried under the ground. She would like to be buried above ground just like her great grampy, in a gravy yard with music, but not with the men who went to war to save the world (veterans) because they are important and should stay together.

 How did I get to this place? When did my little sassy get so big to calmly discuss gravy yards and burying ideas? If this is what 5 brings I cannot even comprehend what 15 will bring. What is my little sassy, full of spunk and energy going to bring? I have no idea and while I can hardly wait to find out I want to stretch out every moment of the time in between.

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