Monday, March 5, 2012

Dr Seuss Monday Meal Plan

Today you are you, that is truer then true. There is no one alive who is youer then you!
-Dr. Seuss

It's Monday, and I really need a plan! We have been busy youtubing Dr. Seuss fun this week, theres some seusstastic stuff out there. Especially the Lorax previews.

Also it is Dr.Seuss week at big sassy's school. So lots of fun activities and food thoughts coming to you based on the lovely and zany Dr. Seuss. And I really need a plan!

We did not make two of the meals last week so they are cycling back on (chili, shepherd's pie.)
I will be making a mason jar meal this week. Actually cooking IN the jar as well as some salads. I am having a hard time being accountable with eating healthy and getting enough vegetables in, so I think if I mason jar salads for myself it will help.

We made roasted broccoli this weekend with dinner and it was delicious. Mr. Sassy's cousin was here this weekend an he and his wife agree that it was better then the steak we ate.
This week we might or might not be here from Thursday morning on, so I am planning a menu based on things we already have in the house with the most perishable being used at the beginning of the week, this weekend we have lots of out of the house stuff planed so no food needed.

B- Bacon and Eggs
L-Eat out lunch
D-Leftovers/empty the fridge night
B- Green eggs and ham cups
D-Shepard's Pie
B- Green Egg, ham and cheese scramble
L-Leftovers and salad
D-Roast chicken, roast broccoli, squash (probably butternut)
L-Leftovers and salad
D-Chicken soup
B-Green Egg, ham and cheese scramble
L-Leftovers and salad
D-Man Chili

Here are my Dr.Seuss ideas for this week. Over at Simply Mommies this week they made a cute little Seuss themed play table.
Seusstastic Classroom Ideas

Seusstastic Muffin Tin Lunch

Pinned Image

Diy Seuss Hat Snack

Lorax How I Would Help

Goldfish Counting

And Finally The LARGEST collection of amazing ideas. I think there are at least 250, go HERE.

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