Monday, March 19, 2012

Pink Slime Now Optional

I'm so glad the government is now allowing Schools the choice to purchase pink slime added or pink slime free ground beef to their lunch menus for NEXT year. I also love that while they provide the pink slime added ground beef, schools have to fend for themselves to find the non pink slime beef. Way to force an already stressed system a little more guys.

Pink Slime Update, Click Here.

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  1. I know that is so disturbing, and gross mind you! I guess I will have to make Sienna's lunch everyday if the school she starts decides to use it. I haven't even taken her to Mcdonalds or Burger King in forever, even though McDonalds states they havent used pink slime ground beef since last year, but whatever, she doesnt even wanna go there. Now Chick Fil A or Moes southwest grill which uses only grassfed beed or free range organic chicken then its on. Love your blog btw!