Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tardy for Monday Meal Plan

UGH MEAL PLAN. For Monday, so late that its Tuesday, pretty sweet huh? Yeah i'm just cool like that. Now last week I purposefully did NOT plan anything for the weekend since I knew Mr.Sassy was off and that means that its just food craziness in my house. Plus lots of traveling so its eating with friends (love) or grabbing something drive Thur (hate).

This week I am taking it easy, we are trying to do a spend less challenge so that means that I have to step up and find a way to primally eat cheaper. Good times right? Sure......OOOH plus fun times of fun times big sassy is off school from Wednesday through the weekend. Plus its ST.PATRICKS DAY WOOHOO.

In honor of the concert Mr.Sassy failed to properly predict, doesn't it Feel So Good, to be wrong?

B-Scrambled eggs with cheese
D-Chicken soup
B-Sausage and eggs
L-Leftover soup and salad
D-Shepard's pie with Cauliflower top. This was an amazing dish we didn't even miss the mashed potatoes.
B-Veggie and egg scramble
L-Leftovers and salad
D-Man Chili
B-Squash and apple breakfast add bacon (always add bacon.)
D-Paleo Pizza
B-Green Coconut flour pumpkin pancakes
L-Salads and ham wraps for the girls
D-St Patrick's Day boiled cabbage dinner
B-Scramble eggs with cheese and ham
D-baked pesto chicken, roasted broccoli, crash hot potatoes

I am having a new evil idea as well. I am going to start making some type of seafood once a week.Try to get big sas to expand her horizons when it comes to food, she eats a lot compared to a lot of kids but I want her to be exposed to it all. To be able to find a food she likes in all types of cuisine. Five is a hard age for food man.


  1. Do you use your crock pot often? In the unfortunate event of a family funeral this week we made a ham in the crockpot. Well, there was so much food at the reception that it wasn't even touched and we had to bring it home. I am like your 5 yr old and hate broadening my horizons. But tonight I sucked it up and made homemade scallop potatoes and ham. And the house ate it! (VICTORY) Since my 5 yr old hates eating new things too. So I was thinking in your weekly meal plan there can be a crockpot day :) I lvoe mine but need new recipes. And as far as fish, start with a white fish. The girls love the fish from Chartroom! And they beer batter it but the girls don't like the crust, just the fish inside!

    1. genius. We were just discussing Friday's dinner since it did NOT happen. I always forget about gymnastics somehow, and we ended up at Pizza Hut. Which is expensive and bad for us.I think I am going to instate crock pot friday. The fish thing will not work that well yet. She eats "chicken of the sea soup" aka clam chowder, calamari and tuna fish from a can (odd, odd child) but refuses all other forms of seafood?! I think its a mental thing since tuna is the fishyest fish ever. Especially compared to haddock or something else white. Kid kills me.