Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Garden Fever

I have fever. Its been over 30 degrees fahrenheit  at least 5 times in the last 10 days. To most of you that means its a cold snap, for us people in a northern climate that means spring is coming! Spring fever is coming on strong, I see many other people out puttering around their yards picking up sticks, sweeping away the disaster the snow and plowing has left and just standing outside and enjoying not having their nostrils and eyes freeze shut.

The last 4 years my gardening consisted mainly of containers and a small garden bed. Anything not planted in the container was free for all for the rabbits. They even began to use our containers on our deck to have their babies since it was safer from the skunks. This year I have a huge (to me) area to use for my vegetables, a raspberry patch, two large garden beds to use for herbs, vegetables, fruit, and flowers. PLUS containers and all the lovely beds surrounding the house for flowers and perennials. In short, I'm over the moon with excitement to start tearing out low growing evergreens and filling in the space with amazing arrangements of perennials. I can hardly contain my excitement as the seed catalogs pour in and I circle ALL the amazing things I absolutely need. I might have circled 702 different seeds and counting, but I will narrow it down when I realize that will cost at least a small fortune!

I have to also figure out some way to convince Mr.Sassy that we need chickens...

This year the key is to build the vegetable garden, get the raspberries in check, plant the beds for herbs and overflow veggies, tear out evergreens and start arranging perennials. I am also going to try and build the girls a bean tee pee, a sunflower house and a herb or grass covered table and chair! Also big sassy wants to start her own garden this year.
I'm sure that half of that will actually happen but a girls gotta dream. Especially since it started snowing again today.

My inspiration........

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bean teepee

herb garden landscape design


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