Friday, February 17, 2012

Sassy's Valentines

So big Sas needed to make some Valentine's Day cards, and since im such a MEAN Mama and refused to let her bring candy, we had to brain storm. We found a lovely pinterest pin making heart shaped crayons. (and then we listened to some Green River Ordinance they make all craft projects more fun!)

First we had to peel LOTS of crayons. We tried to just peel the paper off with our fingers, but it took forever and was really freaking  frustrating. So out came the trusty Paring Knife, and I slit the paper down the length of each crayon, much simpler for the girls to just slip the paper off.

Then we chopped  the crayons into smitherins with a HUGE butchers knife. Big sassy arranged the pieces lovingly into each "hole" and we sprinkled the whole thing with glitter. Sassy girls LOVE Glitter.

Since the pan we melted the crayons in was silcone I decided to use an old, gross pan (use an old pan though because some of the shavings got on it and melted and it was disgusting and unable to be cleaned) underneath to give it more stability. We put them in a 200 degree (f) oven until melted. On average they took between 10-18 minutes so keep a close eye on them. We had to wait until they were competely cool to remove them or they cracked. They took about 2 hours to be really cool, but this would depend on how "full" each cup was.

I let big sassy color on cardstock in a "rainbow" of colored scribbles, she cut them into quaters and then I printed "Color the world with Love, Happy Valentines Day" on them. We threw it all into a bag, tied it with a pretty ribbon and called it good.

I would competely do this again, they turned out really well and all the kids loved them. Much more fun then just a valentine out of a box. That being said these would make really cool party favors, or we have done them in circular muffin tins with each hole being a similar shade. I would highly reccomend using a silcone baking pan whenever possible it makes a much prettier design since you don't have to pry the thing out with a knife.  Imagine in dinosaur shapes or footballs for party favors? LOVE. Have any of you done this? Any tips?

For St.Patricks day

In Easter eggs, or baskets


For Halloween instead of candy

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